Why we create this WebSite- ECC.NET

Why we create this website Detail is mention below

We worked for ECC in Afghanistan but they didn’t pay us

I am writing on behalf of AWCC which is Afghanistan Bases Construction Company

ECC.net didn’t pay our more than 1.8 Million US Dollars,

ECC is having website ecc.net and ECC was also called in Afghanistan by name of ECCI and they was contractor for USACE ,


We implement several projects from 2008 to 2011 in Afghanistan for them and during project implementation ECC.net was deduction some percentage of money as retention from us


When project handed over after completion of all formalities we request them to pay our retention money so they started creating problems when we provide all document to answer there excuses,


We had several meeting in Afghanistan but didn’t reach any conclusion Finally ECC.net issue a final memorandum in which was mention that ecc.net and AWCC should go to Dubai UAE,  for arbitration but ECC did come with us to arbitration center in Dubai, for more detail please have a look to this Reference file "AWCC.CSA.AEDMATOC.4600.010-WA-01.MOD-Finalrev1"

But Now ECCI legal representative and ECCI Management is not considering the mention above AWCC.CSA.AEDMATOC.4600.010-WA-01.MOD-Finalrev1 modification, even I sending them email from past several years but they are only ignoring and don’t want to pay our rights or to go with us to arbitration center in Dubai

They lift Afghanistan and now they are in USA, and I create this website just to bring the arbitration center in Dubai, which will evaluate our document and ECC.net document and will give our both party there judgment but ECC.net know that they holding our money


Also we contact with them through email but they simply said that they will not pay any money without any justification


While we (AWCC) have all the documents to prove our claim which is more than 1.8 Million  USD

Soon we will upload some of the document which prove our claim in this website,

If someone need more information so please contact with us on awcc@awccgroup.com